Perfect Love Banishes Fear

Not a bible reader. What I hear from Mass is what little knowledge I try to digest, spiritually. Yesterday, Wednesday, I heard this read:

“There is no fear where love exists. Rather, perfect love banishes fear, for fear involves punishment, and the person who lives in fear has not been perfected in love.”

I didn’t wrote it down there. I memorized it and looked it up, 1 John 4:18. I thought it a good idea to share.

The Priest spoke more about this but I had trouble understanding his sermon. People here have a distinct way of speaking English. While they perfectly understand each other, I find it rather difficult.

If you’re expecting me to expand more on that passage, well, I won’t do that. I’m not qualified. I just want to write it down here. If there’s anything I learned in life that really works for me is that things that I write down, I remember well.

Nice day.

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