C’mon Rick, No Philippine American War?

Seller: I have my grandfathers old army coat from the Philippine American war.

Rick Harrison: Well, there was no Philippine war.

Seller: American Philippine war?

Big Hoss: There was the Spanish American war where we took the Philippines from Spain.

Seller: Yeah, well, that sounds about right.

Rick Harrison: So, you think it’s from the Spanish American war?

Seller: So when was the Spanish American war?

Rick Harrison: 1890’s. We were much more powerful than Spain that it only lasted 10 weeks. United States ended up acquiring Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.

Of course there was a Philippine American war. But it took place after the Spanish American war. But you can’t blame people like Rick if they were taught that the Philippine American war was an insurgency – not a full scale war. Which was what it really was when the locals realized that the Americans duped them.

Americans writes history that demotes wars into insurgency or banditry when the local people goes up against them. Which is a strange way to write history. How can you be an “insurgent” or a “bandit’ when you’re battling an intruding force? It’s like catching a thief inside your home and reading about what happened next morning with you being accused of unlawful assault.

Hey, I love the Pawn Stars but they’re no historians. They’re really cool guys who readily admits that they’re no expert in all things historical. In fact they regularly bring in experts when confronted with antiques they know little about. Which was what they did in this episode.

Bummer was that while the expert knew exactly what the uniform was, he referred to the Philippine-American war as “Philippine Insurrection”. I say, What the hell?

2 responses to “C’mon Rick, No Philippine American War?

  • De AnDA

    “in·sur·rec·tion” (noun \ˌin(t)-sə-ˈrek-shən\.: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government) is just the wrong word here. What made their occupation “legal”?. I guess they use it to wrong history – which was the objective – so we gotta know more than what’s written in our standard history text 🙂

  • Tía Isabel

    The insult and offense go to the other party too, to the grandfather of this guy, who went into the boondocks to fight the Go-goos, suffered through heat, maybe dysentery, malaria, athlete’s foot, and U.S. history hasn’t acknowledged their hero status. At least they are mentioned by Howard Zinn.

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