The Only Rap Artist I Listen to These Days…

“The most gangster shit in the world is to know what’s going on”

– Immortal Technique

I rarely listen to rap music. There’s Francis M. but he’s gone. But every once in awhile someone would come out and get my ear. This Immortal Technique is one of ’em guys.

This guy raps about issues that matters in our lives. No songs about blings, girls, money and all those senseless crappy songs you get from corporation manufactured artists. Certainly not the conventional packaged and branded hip hop. The guy decided to use his talent to call the attention of the public on how they’re being lied to by those whose job was to lead to them.

Caveat here – Immortal’s lyrics were not conceived with kids in mind – but they’re really articulate, straight-to-the-point, powerful messages.

If you like rap, then I recommend that you listen to this guy and learn a thing or two — these are the kind of artist that deserves support and admiration.

One response to “The Only Rap Artist I Listen to These Days…

  • Idebenone

    This guy’s stage presence is unreal, even on a large stage like the one at Electric he fills the stage and gets the crowd moving. Thursday’s show was a true hip hop gig with a rapper, hype man and a DJ rocking the wheels of steel in front of a crowd of all colours and creeds. The mood and crowd participation varied throughout the evening, for example for Dance With The Devil every eyeball in the venue was staring at the stage listening in silence like they were in a classroom. Immortal Technique made a point of highlighting how rife rape is in the world as a tool of fear and violence as well as saying it’s the responsibility of every man in the crowd to prevent it.

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