Graffiti as Art

“The Substation should be anything anyone wants it to be; open and flexible enough to do things his or her own way — KPK”

While walking along Armenian Street I noticed this wall with graffitis on it. It’s located in the small pathway between the Peranakan Museum and the Substation, a local place for contemporary arts founded in the 1990’s. Now, graffiti is a rarity here, obviously this one was created by the artists in the center and I’m sure they were allowed to do so.

It’s a fascinating art form. Their presence gives a city the appearance of gritty realism. I see it as an expression of struggle, of trying to overcome challenge. However, not all can be considered art. Some are downright vandalism. It takes a real artist, someone who has a vision to turn ugly surfaces into inspiring artwork to tie it all together.

Seeing these wonderful creations in that little corner made me respect graffiti art more.


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