On top of the Angkor

Perched on the steps of one of the towers (the top is 699 ft from ground) of the ancient Khmer’s Angkor Wat. Taking a shot at the hoards of tourist trying to reach the highest platform in what is the biggest religious monument known to man. These tourists doesn’t seem to mind the scorching summer heat (this was around noon time) of the Cambodian plains. The yearly number of tourist that visits this place alone is around 3.5 million, Philippines on the average gets 4.5, for the entire archipelago. I’ll post a couple of articles about Angkor Wat later this month. My fascination with it started  5 years ago when I went mad reading UK journalist Graham Hancock investigation on ancient civilizations. This is the closest I’ll get to Pyramids of Egypt (Hancock believes the two are related somehow) for now.

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