Ain’t that a beaut…

ain’t that a beaut…

I just had to post this. Only nature could give us such splendid vivid colors!

This was taken around 0530 in the morning. It was a short three hour flight from Singapore, the plane here is already moving towards the terminal.

In this flight, I was sitting behind a group of seamen who were obviously excited to go home. “I could see our house from here!”, a younger man whose skin manifest the harsh sea condition they probably worked in for years. And now they’re home. There was also this woman who had difficulty breathing, so the crew made an announcement to call on individuals with knowledge in dealing with such an emergency–two nurses responded. There, faith restored in humanity–and fellow Pinoys.

This dawn scene also reminds me of my time working with an IT firm in Alabang. Our office is located on the 25th floor. I go home around 6 or 7 in the morning, around the time when the sun is slowly sloping up the mountains of Morong. Some colleagues would regularly see me taking photos. I’m sure this bothered some of them but I can;t just help it. This went on for two years. Just imagine how many shots I took!


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