Save Balayan Batangas’ School and Convent!

Apparently the plan is to establish a SaveMore grocery where the old convent and school stands. Yes folks, another SM building thrashing Filipino heritage.

What I can’t get my head around is why our dearly loved Church officials, guardians of our religious historical treasures, would allow something like this to happen.

Everything is for sale for the right price? Ganyan na ba talaga tayo?

What a shame that we have leaders like these. People that would permit the destruction of heritage–a convent, which stood for 400 years!

Sign the petition.

I’ve visited Balayan a couple of years ago. There were some commendable developments made inside the church complex but this ‘Save More’ would be a huge drawback. It could be legal, no doubt, but who benefits here?

Do we really want a commercial establishment this close to the historic Balayan church? A commercial estabslihment to replace a convent that has stood for hundreds of years?

Are we this desperate for monetary resource here that we’re going to sell parts and portions of our religious pamana?

For our lost Church leaders of Batangas and all over the country, here’s what OUR present Pope has to say about convents:

“Empty convents and monasteries should not be turned into hotels by the Church to earn money … (the buildings) are not ours, they are for the flesh of Christ, which is what the refugees are.”

Yeah, I think the Pope has been witnessing these dealings of local parishes around the world. His message is clear. STOP.


2 responses to “Save Balayan Batangas’ School and Convent!

  • Anonymous

    the place is too small for that purpose<<<>>

  • joemeabordaj

    demolished for another SM > hahahaaaaa > why do people have so little minds > pea brain humans > they call it progress even if they have to tear down something historic for the building of a facility that will house starbucks, gap, mcdonalds, j.crew, etc > hahhaaaaa hehheeeeeee what kind of people are you?

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