The Past Reminds

Pretty churches in a row…

I dedicated a corner in my room  to the churches of Spanish Philippine Intramuros. I have eight church photos placed in four small frames. Out of all of these churches, only San Agustin survived WWII. Manila Cathedral was rebuilt after the war while San Ignacio still lies in ruins.

Why are these photos so important?

The memory of these churches is a reminder of how our ancestors discovered freedom and salvation in Christ.

They’re so beautiful. All of them. No wonder writers like Nick Joaquin wrote so much about them. How I wish all of them are still around.

On to a different topic.

Looked at the damage this paella took from me! By the way, Las Paellas Cafe in Festival Mall Alabang is the best place to eat paella in south metro. They also serve paella marinara and paella negra. I would eat them all in one seating if they were not that heavy in the gut!

I treated myself with a huge serving of Paella Valenciana late this afternoon! The last time I tasted this dish was in high school. My mother used to cook this Spanish dish during special occasions. And hers was a cumpletos-recados-kind of Paella. It’s tedious cooking but all of us his boys loves it. I particularly enjoy it when there’s  a generous toppings of sliced-egg.

But my mother has ceased to cook this dish because not only is it time consuming to prepare, she noticed relatives and visitors (especially the younger generations) prefers  those highly commercialized foods. What was once part of high Filipino cuisine has been replaced by cheap, easy to cook dishes.

From Paella to sweet economical spaghetti with bits of processed meat? How did that happen?

Well, I think I’m going to have to learn to do Paella!

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