Prayers For Bohol

When I saw photos of Loon, Baclayon and Loboc churches on line after the massive earthquake earlier I couldn’t help but feel this deep sadness wash over me. Bohol prides itself for having some of the best preserved centuries old churches (I went to see these churches back in 2009). These historical gems are now in shambles. Today is without a doubt one of the worst times for heritage advocates in this country.

In these difficult times, let’s pray for each other. Far more important are those who perished during this tragic natural disaster and their families. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and reach out to them.

Loboc when I saw it in 2009. Believed to be the oldest church in Bohol.

2 responses to “Prayers For Bohol

  • John Earle

    Indeed, tragic for the loss of life which, given the strength of the earthquake, was mercifully small. However, it was also tragic for the damage to the country’s history and heritage. Heritage is a fundamental part of a nation’s identity and is so integral a part of today’s cultural life – yet it receives such little support, either in person or financial.

    The Negros Museum in Bacolod City organised a one day meeting entitled Museums, History & Heritage which took place yesterday. There were presentations from two eminent figures with a national reputation and from two local speakers with expert knowledge of their fields – and yet attendance barely reached 30 people. It is an indication of how heritage is viewed as the preserve of the few interested people and how low a status it has in the eyes of the ordinary person.

    There is much work to be done on improving this situation which will probably take many years.

    • De AnDA

      Now everybody’s talking about these churches, how important they are and what must be done to save the rest. Even the government of Spain wanted to pitch in and help, I guess this is one of those positive things we could get out of this tragic lost. They’re not really lost, they’re still there, waiting to be rebuilt. This, after all, would unite heritage agencies, the church, the local people and advocates.

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