The Traveling Bunch. The Alas’ as La Familia Viajera

They’re a travelin’ family

Just when I thought two blog’s too much for this corporate slave friend of mine, he decided to add another.


While he claims it’s the first and only family travel theme blog, what I know with certainty is that Pepe Alas is going to provide a lot of good historical info in his new site. The guy’s a great writer and researcher. A true historian out to defend our authentic Filipinoness. And the wife, I’m pretty sure she’ll add style—quite a fashionista that kumare of mine.

Here’s hoping that Mr. Alas gets to maintain the blog regularly because I can’t wait to read, read, read.

By the way, It also excites me to know that my inaanak, Jefe, will get to see some of the historical sites that I know would make him a better person. I could still remember the days when my mother would bring me to the churches of Quiapo, Ermita. Sta. Ana and Baclaran. Seeing these old churches had a profound effect on me. I learned to appreciate our past at such a young age. So these children, all four of ’em, would grow up with something most people never had. I commend my friends, Pepe and Yeyette, for this wonderful idea!


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