400 Year Old Balayan Church Complex Spared!

I got this from my inbox awhile ago:

A few weeks ago, you signed the petition asking the Archdiocese of Lipa to spare the centuries old Balayan Church school and convent from being leased to a national grocery chain. The Lopez of Balayan Batangas Foundation would like to share some great news:

Victory! National historical treasure in Balayan, Batangas saved!

Today we declare victory in our campaign to save our cultural and historical treasures from commercial exploitation. If not for the 6,110 signers of our petition on Change.org urging the Archdiocese of Lipa to stop the lease of a centuries-old convent that forms part of the 400-year-old Balayan Church complex, our beloved town would have lost a priceless treasure.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles has finally admitted that the Archdiocese’s financial administrator did consider a plan to lease the land on which the convent stands on to a commercial establishment. He acknowledges that the plan was scrapped after it “triggered a barrage of angry responses.” This obviously refers to the petition started by concerned Balayan residents.

As we celebrate our victory, we would like to thank thousands of other Filipinos who joined our cause and signed our petition even if they were not directly affected by the archdiocese’s plan. They believed in our cause and believed that together, we could achieve change. They, too, share in this victory.

We hope that the victory in Balayan will boost the confidence of all other Filipinos fighting to preserve our cultural and historical and ecological treasures. Once more, we have shown that unity brings forth victory for change.

Thank you,

The Lopez of Balayan, Batangas Foundation

Thank Heavens the entire heritage complex of Balayan church is safe. For now.

Now, these idiots that sits on the committees that approves commercialization of religious heritage must be held accountable.

We need better people. Reasonable people. Whoever this person in Balayan Church that made that call to lease the property must be sent packing.


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