Food Walk-less Chinatown

Whenever I’m in town one place I always visit is the Chinatown. You would think that a country that have a high percentage ethnic Chinese population would not have the need for a Chinatown but here in Singapore they do have one. Back in the days, groups of people were segregated. No longer the case now but the presence of these historic quarters reminds everyone what life was like for the first immigrants here.

But when I got to Chinatown (which is about 1/2 an hour train ride from our home) the entire street where food hawkers are lined up was cordoned off. Surrounded by high steel sheets of metal with bulldozers and other heavy equipments inside. There’s an artist drawing of what this popular street would look like in the coming months. There would be permanent cover made of metal and some transparent roofing material. The street would look too modern for my taste. But this is Singapore. Government project are well thought out here. They find ways to make things work.

Some photos I took (November 9, 2013).

Familiar flowers, familiar thorns.

These large windows are typical colonial Singapore.

Walking to keep you in shape and lotsa bargains…

Hot sellers are souvenirs of Old Singapore. Some of these framed photos shows 18th century Singapore. So English, yet so oriental!

You can’t go wrong with a pink three story colonial building!

I didn’t get my Chinese ‘Chinatown’ food fix but hey, there’s plenty of Chinese restos around. For now, that’s a lonely walk back home.

Something tells me that this karaoke is Filipino owned. Mabuhay, that’s Tagalog. Singalong and Karaoke, these words I think are Tagalog too…

Referred to as the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. Now, I’m not sure if Buddha’s tooth can be found here but hey, the name is interesting enough to merit a visit

It’s common to find small bites and snacks here that resembles our kakanin. They have kuchinta for example that taste almost exactly the same as ours.

Favorite tourist hangouts

A small park that sits on top of a bridge.


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