An afternoon in Devonport

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Devonport, a historic seashore village, is one place you must not miss when you’re in Auckland. It is a charming neighborhood with plenty of elegant period architecture. Here we saw well preserved samples of  Victorian, Colonial and Georgian buildings. The conservation of these structures is testament to the locals historical awareness and vision for their town.

We reached Devonport via the ferry service. These ferries are in the best conditions, it have an open deck for viewing but we decided not to leave the warmnt of the cabin for it was airy and cold that afternoon. The entire trip across the Waitemata Harbor took less than 1o minutes, which left me wanting for more because there’s nothing like seeing the coastline and the communities around it from the sea. The sight of Auckland’s skyline from the ferry was something to behold. There’s something about sea travel that triggers some remarkably strange human emotion. Which reminds me that I’ve yet to go on a long sea travel one of these days.

There are paid tours that takes tourist around Devonport. Something that we would have taken if we planned to go to this place ahead of time. But we initially didn’t have the town on our list up until we were already in Auckland.

The entire village feels like a period movie set. There’s a barbershop that’s more than one hundred year old! The romantic cells inside my body was pumping seeing the town’s buildings that are mostly century old–all of them great architectural pieces. You don’t come across places like this very often. Good news is that what you see in Devonport are as authentic as its history. Folks around this place understands the value in sustaining the identity and character of their community. Tourism is a welcome business around here but I could feel that awareness of their heritage goes beyond profit. I really enjoyed walking around the village. Even if my pants and shoes got soaked in the rain that had seemingly appeared from nowhere, and coming down sideways at that.

We ended our brief tour of Devonport by making it all the way to the top of Mt. Victoria. We did so without minding thunder and lightning which I won’t recommend for anyone to try. The painted mushroom (air vents), all amanita muscaria, which tells me that either someone really like its appearance or someone must have been tripping in one, was a pleasant surprise upon reaching the top. Looking around it made sense that the British had built canons and fortifications (North Head) around the area. They could spot threats to Auckland from a good distance. From this vantage point you could spot a scenic view of Auckland, Hauraki Gulf and the Waitemata Harbor –what a way to end the day!


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