To Podcast, Podcast, Podcast!

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My good ol’ buddy, Pepe Alas, and I just finished taping our first stab at podcasting. The talk was no different from the hundreds of discussions we had in the past. The only difference this time we recorded it and that we have a single topic.

This could be a first —and I’m inclined to believe that it is. There’s not a lot of young people out there that would talk about Philippine history let alone blog (this time podcast) about it.

And who’s gonna be our audience? I’m not sure—who would listen to a bunch of Filipino history nerds? Not a lot. But hopefully there’s someone interested in history that would enjoy the whole thing.

The podcast would also make up for the times that we have not written anything new in our respective blogs. In my case my work schedule eats up much of my time. I feel sorry whenever I want to write or finish a book and there’s no time for it. I’m sure people who shares my interests feels the same way.

This new venture is an experiment. It’s a good addition to what I’m already doing here. It requires very little effort since when I hang out with friends we talk about Philippine history all the time anyway.

The plan is to invite other historians, bloggers, writers and researchers on board (and we already have people in mind). Individuals that doesn’t necessarily share the same views but have interesting opinions and stories to tell about our culture and history.

Oh man, can’t wait to add more to this one—should be fun!

In this episode we talk about Nicomedes “Nick” Joaquin and how he influenced the way we both look at Filipino history. He has enhanced our lives with his works that speaks deeply and boldly of our past. It is only fitting that we dedicated the first episode to Nick.

This coming Monday, the 15th of September would his 97th birthday!

To Nick!


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