Dreams of a La Laguna Tour

We recorded this podcast for one special reason. To promote a project that has been simmering in our minds for months—a history tour of Laguna.

While we both know that it’s an uphill battle to get it rolling, we’re determined to make it happen.

That great Spaniard novelist Miguel Cervantes wrote, “a closed mouth catches no flies.” Who in his right mind would do such a thing! But I guess what the man is trying to say is that if you want something, give it a shot!

Everything happens for a reason I told Pepe. It’s time to put the knowledge he amassed working on that aborted book project about La Laguna to good use. It must be shared—this tour gives us that opportunity.

In this podcast, we discuss the reason why we picked Laguna. What motivates us to pursue the venture and what we offer those who will join.

If ever you decide to listen in, caveat here, we love to joke around. Only our knowledge of history must be taken seriously, excuse the foolish and gibberish statements we utter!


We have a dry run “Free” tour this coming Sunday, the 16th of November.

Five Laguna towns, one day!

Drop me a message at:

email: withonespast@gmail.com

twitter: @withonespast

Or, message/comment here.

The music I used is the classic Pinoy rock song “Laguna” performed by the ageless rock n’ roll icon Sampaguita (Tessy Alfonso in real life). She now lives in Paranaque with her husband & children.

I don’t own the rights to this awesome song. All rights belongs to its owners.

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