Farewell Ms. Susan Calo Medina

Ms. Medina is one of the few Filipino media personalities I admired growing up. I remember her shows about these wonderful and exotic places that I can’t believed were shot here in our beloved country—I now know that those hideaways and paradises she told us about exist because I had visited some of them. She was an inspiration to this would-be traveler; so it is with great sadness to hear that she passed away today, Friday.

Image courtesy of gibbscadiz.blogspot.com

I remember her always dressed in simple attire; sometimes she goes tribal, her signature short hair and that calm voice. There were episodes that she would join the traditional dances herself. Her life’s work was devoted in promoting our towns, provinces and cuisine; our traditions, our history.

She made local tourism uso!

Ms. Medina’s work has made a deep impression on me—her shows (and her magazine, also called “Travel Time) were all positive and refreshing; a great contrast to the news that usually projects the ugliest part of our land and character.

We lost a great Filipino today…

Farewell Ms. Susan.


2 responses to “Farewell Ms. Susan Calo Medina

  • Marcos Calo

    Thank you for your kind words. We would like to send you a card of thanks from the family, as my mother would have wanted. Please do send us your postal address.

    Marcos Calo Medina

    • De AnDA

      Hi Marcos,

      Thank you. I appreciate your message. There’s no proud Filipino today that has not been influenced by the work of your mom, Ms. Susan.

      I could not post my address here but if you insist on your request, I would be honored to receive that note from your good family. My email is withonespast@gmail.com I would response with my address there.


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