Episode 5 Podcast here with Pio Andrade Jr

I recorded this podcast with Pio Andrade November, last year. I logged more than 3 hours of our talk. I knew I had to split it into two parts. This is the first part. The second part would be shorter. I will work on it when I free up some time this week.

As usual, there’s no format. I regret that I did not prepare any questions before the interview thinking that normal talk is good talk. But a Historian like Andrade has a lot to share and there are questions I thought I should have asked after we concluded our meeting.

For those unfamiliar with Andrade, below are some articles from this site about him.

With Don Pio Andrade de Paracale!

Romancing the Gold… Pio Andrade’s History of Paracale

There are also other reference out there in on line about Andrade.

I also published some of his articles here. Just use the search function and type his name. This would display all articles where his name had been “tag”.


Absent here is Pepe Alas who was in the first four episodes. He backed out and told me he could not make it on time.

I think a three way conversation is better than a one-on-one. I noticed this in other podcasts that I follow. The discussion is livelier; there’s this flow that’s engaging. But it’s difficult to bring people together when everybody have work schedules and deadlines to meet.

I intend to do at least one every month. I wanted to bring over not only historians but other bloggers as well. I was joined by Pepe and Glen (Travelers on Foot) for episode 2 but the audio was dreadful that I had to edit out most of what I recorded. It would be nice to hear bloggers for a change. Get to know the people behind those enlightening blogs.


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