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Book Fair in MOA SMX

The convention was great. All the local publishers are there including my favorite ones: Anvil, Sto. Tomas and Vibal. All kinds of books are represented including international publishers (they sell cheaper as usual compared to locals). But of course, the reason why I’m there is so I could get my hands on some Filipiniana at a bargain price.

I was surprised that the discount was not really that big. 20% for Anvil for example. I was expecting Filipiniana’s to be priced at dirt cheap level but that didn’t happen. All in all I spent around 600 pesos – for three books. I would’ve bought more if I have the money but times are hard and I don’t want to be spending more.

While I was there I saw these books of Rio Alma, the national artist who has been publishing  like he’s on the death row or something. Not a fan but I could be, that is if I can afford his books. Aren’t these guys supported by the government financially so they can propagate their craft? why so expensive then? I mean, I’m sure he’s good but school children can’t afford him – his works are classic examples of  “art for those who can afford it”.

Not far from the Anvil booth where these signed Rio Alma books are sold is PsiCom’s booth. There’s a lot of school children there reading this yellow paperback book by the comedian Tado Jimenez (the guy with a long hair and Buddy Holly glasses). It’s prized at P50 and I saw those young kids buying. But you know, Alma is a national artist, his works must sell like one – right?

This is the third time I’ve been to MOA. The first two was when I was still competing in jiu jitsu some years back. This mall is so huge that I always get lost. There’s a lot of walking involved when your in this mall – I don’t like it one bit! This must be one of the biggest mall in the world. Its hard to imagine that all of that land was once part of Manila Bay.

The book fair is in SMX MOA. It runs until this Saturday.

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