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Paintings of Old Filipinas

I discovered recently that there are contemporary artists painting scenes from the filipino hispano era. I’m not sure what they call this particular theme (Old Manila?). I sure like what I saw.

Usually depicted are the rustic beauty of grand old churches and towns where a neighborhood of  bahay na bato are prominently portrayed.  I have to admit that I want to own some of what I saw if it were not for the price tag!

The shop owners in Treasure Trove Festival Mall carries some of the widely known Filipino painters today. One of them is this guy Anton Mahilom. They give away postcards like this to visitors. They take time talking with customers and visitors alike.

I particularly like the works of Ed Sarmiento and Anton Mahilum. Their work’s colors, mood and texture appeals to me. I’m not technical with this art form so I really don’t know much about the techniques and medium involved. I’m ignorant when it comes to these things. But I think that even with sophisticated art forms like this you should go for those that resonates well with you. There’s no sense if you buy something you won’t enjoy.

Any painting aficionado will tell you that they make good investments. That is if you know it well. Without a doubt some of those paintings I saw the other day will one day be worth more than what they sell for today.

Am I going to be an art collector?

Probably not – but maybe, just maybe it could happen one day. My heart melts whenever I see photographs and paintings of old towns and districts, the gentle life of farmers and fisher folks from the days of old Filipinas. These artworks represents a time when life was more simple, more gracious, less hurried. Perhaps the most artful, most romantic period in our history.

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