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The Masonic Memorial Clock in Luneta

Right across the monument of Jose Rizal is a simple memorial dedicated to the Masons.


Yes, that secretive group that has been source of countless rumors and conspiracy theories. Some even go as far as accuse these men of satanic worship. I couldn’t say if they do or don’t.

Quijano de Manila once said, “there’s a granule of truth in every myth”.

But these men do really have some strange rituals that for someone outside would be shocking and frightening.

I guess this mystique is why stories about them are interesting. I believe they intend to keep this shroud of mystery, it makes them more influential, they attract curiosity, confusion  – even fear.

The memorial clock was unveiled during the centennial celebration. Its still working, unlike those public clocks you see around Manila that are left to rot. Aside from the shape of the memorial, which is obviously masonic, the thing that interest me was the quote from Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo engraved in a bronze plate.

“Masonically inspired”, he said.

Now, that’s great stuff for conspiracy theories!

But aside from this statement from Aguinaldo, masons were deeply involved in executing the design of war against Spain since the beginning. So the Philippine revolution, being a masonic initiative is no longer a “conspiracy theory” in the accepted sense.

But like most of our mason heroes, Presidente Aguinaldo was hardcore (borrowing from Kung Fu Panda). He takes his membership seriously. Just look at the picture below. Yep, that’s him on that strange looking gown seating on what appears to be an enormous wooden throne complete with engraved Sphinx on the sides(?).

Aguinaldo in his Masonic costume

But some of the more popular names: Plaridel, Quezon, Kalaw and Rizal (although many dispute this) returned to being Catholics before they died. Most of these people thought of reconverting while on their deathbeds. Of course, they’ll say these things never happened!

What a secretive bunch these people are…


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